EmojiTactics is an turn-based tactical combat game for mobile. It works offline, too: just go to the main site and select "Add to homescreen" from your browser's menu

The Basics

Read this section first. Return to the reference sections as necessary.

  • Two teams of emoji units battle in an encounter.
  • Each team has a leader(⭐). A team loses when its leader dies.
  • The two teams take turns performing actions or passing.
  • When both teams pass in succession, all movement (πŸ‘Ÿ) is restored and all abilities are re-enabled.
  • When two units engage (⊹), each unit deals damage (πŸ—‘) to the other's hearts (❀️) and both units' movement (πŸ‘Ÿ) is lost.
  • A unit cannot engage (⊹) a unit that has more movement (πŸ‘Ÿ) than it does.

Encounter Reference

  • ⭐ Leader background. In an encounter, each team has a leader. When the leader dies, that team loses.
  • ⊹ Engage. Use this ability to make two units deal damage to each other.
  • πŸ—‘ Piercing damage. Breaks one heart (❀️).
  • ❀️ Heart. Measures how much damage the unit can take.
  • πŸ’” Broken heart. When a unit has only broken hearts remaining, it dies.
  • πŸ‘Ÿ Movement. You cannot engage a unit that is faster than you.
  • πŸ¦‹ Flight movement. Counts as one movement (πŸ‘Ÿ). However, regular movement cannot be used to engage a unit with flight movement.
  • πŸ›‘ Blocker. Prevents non-flying units from engaging units other than this one.
  • πŸ€• Heal action. Restores one broken heart (πŸ’”).
  • πŸ›‘ Armor. Each protects the unit from one piercing damage (πŸ—‘).
  • πŸ‘Š Impact damage. Ignores armor.
  • πŸ”₯ Fire damage. Ignores armor.
  • ⚑ Electrical damage. Ignores armor. Disables all special abilities on the target for the current round.
  • πŸ—‘πŸ’¨ Charge damage. Deals one piercing damage (πŸ—‘), plus one additional damage (πŸ—‘) for each movement the engager is faster than the target.
  • 🏹 Ranged damage. This ability deals the displayed damage directly to a target, without receiving any damage from the targeted unit.
  • πŸ„ Growth. This unit will gain one new heart each time a unit dies.
  • πŸŒͺ️ Ranged wind attack. Removes all movement from from the target. Deals one point of impact (πŸ‘Š) damage if the target is capable of air movement.
  • πŸ•ΈοΈ Web. Removes all movement from an opposing unit. Does not affect abilities, however.
  • ❄️ Freeze damage. Removes all movement from an opposing unit and drains all abilities.
  • πŸ‘€ This ability refreshes the unit's movement and abilities. Can be used only once per round.
  • X‡️ Placing action. Grants a certain advantage to another friendly unit.
  • X* Spawn action. Creates a new friendly unit.
  • XΒΉ One-time use. This ability can only be used once per game.
  • X† Sacrifice. Use of this ability destroys the unit performing it.
  • XβΈ© This ability affects all units on the opposing team
  • βΈ¨XβΈ© This ability affects all units (both friendly and opposing)
  • 🎭 Masquerade. This ability turns the acting unit into a copy of any target unit, but with only a single heart (❀️).
  • πŸ’˜ Charm. This ability turns a target opposing unit into a friendly unit. The charm ability is disabled on the first round of an encounter.

UI Reference

  • πŸ’° Money. Used to purchase upgrades for your leader.
  • πŸ‘₯ Select team. Use this to change the units in your team, subject to available space.
  • πŸŽ’ Space. Space lets you take more units with you.
  • ❱ Next. Move to the next screen, acknowledge the current action, or pass on your turn.
  • ❰ Back. Go to the previous screen.
  • ⏏ Stop. Abort the current encounter.
  • πŸ’₯ Reset game. Reset the game to its initial state. You will lose all your saved progress.

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